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Mark Stall, ProStudioUSA

Hello, Mark here from ProStudioUSA - AKA Pro Studio Supply, Inc. Been the owner here since 1988, that's 25 years of my life. Geesh, what was I thinking. I live/eat/breath PHOTOGRAPHY and have my whole life. It's completely consumed me. You won't find another company in the world quite like Pro Studio Supply! I guarantee it! We're internet & social media savvy. We keep track of all the NEW products and trends in our fun world. But, because we're so old, we understand the core branding items and staples you need to run a successful photo business. YEA, you need the skills, you need the customers, but you need more than a plain CD/DVD in a paper bag, come on!

Our products take your photos to the next level by properly packaging and presenting them to your customers. None of us can survive on one sale, we MUST make an impression that reminds our customers to come back to us everytime they need photographs and our branding materials can assist in reminding them of you.

Besides braggin about my great product lines and how we love to talk to you as a person and build a lasting relationship, I have so much knowledge of the portrait photography industry that I plan to blog about and share it with you. Most, I must admit, will be common knowledge based on common sense to you fanatical pros that go to every training seminar and YouTube video you can learn something new about. But to the new photographer that gets true joy out of photography but still has a lot to learn, my blog posts will provide, I hope, the basics you need to keep getting better and motivated to learn more. I'll use my customer images, yea yours,  to make a point and ask you to share your feedback and images with us.

The business of photography has changed drastically and not for the better! I'm personal friends with some of the best photographers in the world. Guys like David Ziser, Clay Blackmore, even Monte Zucker-RIP. These gentleman made/make great livings over 10 years ago. But today, the consumer has been lead to believe that ''Anybody can be a photographer'' But to the highly skilled working photographer this is not true! You now have to compete with anyone with a camera, any age, price what YOUR market will bare, deliver quality images and make a living wage. Today my friends, this is tougher than ever before. You need to return on every investment (ROI) you make. I hope I can become a new part in your portrait life and I hope to earn the right to your business.

Mark A. Stall President Pro Studio Supply, Inc. 140 S. Park St • Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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