SIRUI Compact Tripods

Item #: T-005X
Our Price: $129.95


The exciting T-005X/025X + C10 tripod outfits were specially designed for today’s compact
point and shoot digital cameras, E.V.I.L. (Electronic Viewfinder w/Interchangeable Lens)
cameras, DSLRs and camcorders.

SIRUI T-005X tripods have a shiny, colorful appearance (red, blue or black) that almost makes them look like works of art! The T-025X comes in elegant basic black and has 8 layer Carbon fiber legs for added load capacity and stability.

And their compact size - only 11.8 inches (30cm) when folded! - is 20~30% smaller than other similar style tripods. There’s always room for one of these tiny wonders in your bag or backpack! And, they weigh less than the 1 liter bottle of water you are carrying.

Even though they are compact, and lightweight, these impressive tripods can still extend to over 51.4 inches (130cm) - perfect for most shooting situations. The T-005X can hold up to 8.8 lb. (4kg) and the T-025X can hold 13.2 lb. (6kg)!

Like the professional line of SIRUI tripods, there is no compromise in quality.
Aluminum alloy parts are high temperature forged for maximum strength and SIRUI’s custom
anodized surface treatment insures superior wear and corrosion resistance.

Each kits include;
The C-10 - a high quality ball head that perfectly complements the tripods.
The ball head has a color anodized surface that has a distinctive look, while
providing excellent resistance to scratches and corrosion. It comes in 3 different
colors (red, blue and black) that match the T-005X and T-025X.

1. Legs fold up 180° for extra compactness
2. For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism
3. 3 position leg angle for uneven terrain
4. Your choice of economical aluminum or lightweight carbon fiber

Sirui Ultra-Compact Tripods T-005X $129.95