Hoodman SuperSpeed USB 3.0 UDMA Card Reader

Item #: RAWUSB3
Our Price: $49.99


Hoodman SuperSpeed USB 3.0 UDMA Card Reader

• Hoodman builds RAW STEEL ruggedness and “Pin Guard"tm into a new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 UDMA Card Reader
• Enjoy time saving 5 Gbps data transfers of CompactFlash or SD cards with the new ruggedized RAW STEEL SuperSpeed USB 3.0 UDMA card reader from Hoodman.
• Downloads are up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 specs.
• Hoodman built the new reader into a ruggedized metal housing and added a new concept to readers called “Pin Guard”.
• Pin Guard is an innovative drop down door that keeps reader pins protected until a CompactFlash card is inserted into the reader.
• The well thought out detachable 36-inch USB 3.0 cable is plenty long enough to reach behind towers and still find a home on a desktop.
• Reinforced cable inputs, metal housing and “Pin Guard” all work together to yield the most durable card reader made.
• 5Gbps transfer rates require a USB 3.0 enabled computer.
• RAW STEEL reader is backward compatible with USB 2.0 systems.
• Supports CompactFlash, SD, SDHC, SDXC & UHS-1 memory cards.

RAWUSB3 Hoodman USB 3.0 Card Reader $49.99


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